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Coronavirus COVID-19 statement


Updated: August 2021

We will continue to following current Government advice about COVID-19, we are planning on running all eat:Festivals as scheduled from April onwards. Our latest Operating Response Plan is here

We are monitoring the situation carefully and regularly, and following advice and guidelines set by Government.

The health and safety of our visitors, producers and partners at our festivals is our number one priority.

We ask our visitors, producers and partners to refer to the guidelines and protocols as suggested by UK public health authorities regarding the virus and follow their advice.

The eat:Festivals team has followed closely the WHO’s published ‘Key planning recommendations for Mass Gatherings’ and ‘Public health for mass gatherings: key considerations’ documents. There have been guidance set by our governeming bodies [NABMA and AFO] and we use this best practice to ensure we are doing all we can to minimise teh risk of transmission. 

If there are any changes to the current recommendations from the WHO or the Government, we will review and react to their instructions promptly.


As a food and drink specialist event, the vast majority of participants have high levels of training in hygiene and food safety. Cross-contamination prevention is a daily part of their routine production processes.

To date UK Government guidance is that visitors take responsibility for their own health and their potential risk to others. Assess your fitness to attend using this flowchart



  • Sneeze screens are used in front of any produce which is unpackaged

  • We have changed our layouts to ensure we have room for social distancing when visiting the festival, queuing or passing through the area

  • Our stewards will provide advice and guidance on personal behaviour to ensure the latest covid guidance is followed

  • All produce is traceable back to its origin and so are the humans that made it

  • Sample cups, spoons or sticks will be disposed of by visitors into monitored waste bins, and not handled by producers

  • Cashless purchases will be preferred - Contactless card payments will be more widely available

  • Customers can pack their own bags with purchases

  • Our festivals are 100% outdoors

Bev and Sarah Milner Simonds


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