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Art Workshops with Creative Minds

Join Natasha Rand of Creative Minds and use “food; fruit & veg” as your theme to inspire your printing - lots of choices and help to enable you to have a go at mono print, silkscreen and stamps to create flags for the food festival.

Everyone who joins in will will also take away their individual prints but also help to create pieces of community art that celebrates the essence of the eat:Festivals.

Hosted by Creative Minds. This is a social enterprise and operate nationwide with a community of artists who deliver fun, therapeutic and engaging art sessions to people of all ages in venues across the country. Experienced artists, like Natasha Rand, deliver art sessions to older people, children, toddlers, adults and people with learning disabilities enabling the participants to explore their creativity, experiment with a wide variety of art mediums and materials and create wonderful works of art.

No pre-booking required: Just pop along to the Town Hall and join in
10 to 4pm 

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