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Cook School - free

Chrissie Godfrey will be leading a hands on workshop for you to make your dishes inspired by Italy and using local ingredients

Station one: One egg frittata with a side salad

A choice of cooked and uncooked vegetables available. Participants get to choose their own frittata filling, cooking some vegetables themselves in a frying pan, adding the rest. While frittata is cooking, participants make a simple side salad and choose a seedy topping 

Station two: No-cook pesto with quick pasta

Two pesto recipes available, with ingredients ready cooked where needed.  Participants prepare the ingredients for the pesto to go into a mini food processor, which they whizz, then taste, season etc.  Stir your pesto into the freshly cooked pasta and enjoy!

Lots of opportunity to taste, adjust, share and discuss.  All the recipes are available for you to take home with you afterwards.   

Suitable for adults and families with children aged 8+. 

Hosted by Delicious in Taunton.  Chrissie Godfrey has been creating vegetarian and vegan pop up events since 2013.  "We have some great restaurants in the town, but the offering for vegetarians is generally limited.  As a lifelong passionate cook, I wanted to show people just how amazing and versatile the range of vegetable based dishes can be.  The idea of 'pop up dining' took off in our majorcities, wended its way to the West Country, and I've been popping up in different venues ever since."

No pre-booking required: Just pop along to The Henhayes Centre and join in between
10.30am -12.30pm and 1.30pm - 3.30pm

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