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The festival has a lot more than the widest range of Somerset food & drink - we have farm animals, tractors, rides, a face painter, demos, workshops, competitions, side-show games, buskers, a teacup ride (see what we did there?!) and much more!

Farming equipment

We are very pleased to be welcoming Smart Ag Services from Cheddar to the show with their John Deere tractors. They will be parked up on College Street outside the Baptist Hall Market all day

Plotgate CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a Community Benefit Society offering weekly or fortnightly, seasonal vegetable boxes to its members, as well as encouraging participation, skill building and a deepening awareness of food growing and ecological approaches to agriculture.

Come and get involved!  Having access to a farm and knowing exactly where your food is coming from is, we believe, a rare and wonderful thing!

 Meet our lambs on Princess Street throughout the day

Beech Ridge Farm

Beech Ridge Farm is committed to rearing all its chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese in a totally 'free range' environment. So during the day, most of their birds have free run of the farm - just as nature intended! On the day of the day of the festival, they will be bringing some of their top-class, award-winning birds to Victoria Street.

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