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Local traders - Bursary - Helping others


“Through the Food & Drink festival we have shown our commitment to supporting local traders to build sustainable businesses and now we want to help new businesses make their first steps into trading. We recognise we have an opportunity to assist in developing the skills, abilities and knowledge of all food and drink producers.”

Sarah Milner Simonds

Bursary - Somerset - New traders


“The scheme is designed to encourage business start-up and self-employment within Somerset. We are providing up to five discretionary bursary awards for pitches at the May Food & Drink festival. We had a great footfall (over 7000) at each of the 2014 festivals and we hope that opportunity will be seized on by new traders.” 

Beverley Milner Simonds

Autumn festival - Business links - Good for Somerset


"We made the decision to moved to the autumn festival to the start of half term to work with the local holiday parks and those arriving in the south west for a break with friends and family. 

Talking to visitors around the festival there were people from the Home Counties, London, Manchester and the Midlands as well as a lot of locals enjoying a day-long free day out." 

Sarah Milner Simonds

Feedback - Aims - How we feel


"The festival is a joy to put on when we get such positive feedback from visitors and traders. We aim to put on a high quality event that includes something for anyone who is hungry or thirsty!"

Beverley Milner Simonds


Countryside links


"Making stronger links between the town and the countryside are very important to us and the ethos of the festival."
Sarah Milner Simonds

Buskers - Seating - Taking care of visitors


"We invite buskers along to entertain visitors and there is lots of seating around the festival to enable visitors to take the weight of their feet. One of the most popular places to take a break is always the KDS Fresh ideas stage in the Baptist Church, we have a great line up of chefs on stage from 1200."

Beverley Milner Simonds

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