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West Country Food Adventures

What & When?

This July we will promote and co-ordinate events at over 100 farms, kitchens, restaurants and smallholdings, over a 16 day period with 3 weekends, from 13 – 28 July. Participants may be based anywhere in the old Somerset & Avon area. Events may be anything from a farm walk, cook school, butchery workshop, debate on food ethics, permaculture picnic, pop-up restaurant, 5-mile menu, tutored tasting, ‘meet the producers’ special meal, garden party, foraging walk, dogs’ dinner party, masked ball or vegan bun-fight – anything that promotes a deeper love and understanding of where our food comes from in an adventurous way.


We want to bring producers and consumers together to understand the productive landscape that surrounds us; to support informed food choices, to promote direct sales and to grow pride in our local produce and producers. Where that means a greater margin from increased sustainable sales going straight to the farmers, growers and artisan manufacturers, so much the better.  We are unashamedly interested in growing the local market for great quality produce. That is our ultimate aim, and this is our promotional exercise toward that end. 


We are inviting participants, by hosting events at their own locations, to create food adventures for the public to take part in, be challenged by and to share with their friends and families.

We will promote the events widely, co-ordinate them for best participation, support participants in their event-management and monitor the outcomes. The network of over 200 producers, 100,000 visitors and dozens of local service suppliers who have taken part in eat:Festivals are a resourceful lot to start off with. Where there is a farmer without a loo, a pub without a chatty producer, a manufacturer without a venue, a smallholder without good signage, we can do some matchmaking. But essentially this should be a forum for you to be creative, promote your produce, farm practices and production values to a wide, connected audience, who will share their new knowledge. That’s how we’ll grow demand for what you do.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

How exactly?

We’d like all events to be as accessible as possible, financially and physically. We’d like them to be free, unless there is significant cost to you, bearing in mind the promotional value of participation. We will work with walking and cycling groups, and public transport providers, because we have environmental and social inclusion values. Where your values are reflected in what you do, we’d like to see that in your event ideas.

Yes but how much?

Participation will be free to those whose events are not their core work. e.g. a vineyard tour, where tours are not usually available. We’d expect you to sell produce rather than tickets, to keep it accessible. But we are happy to be flexible.

Where the event centres on the core business model, there will be a small charge as contribution to costs, which can be offset against advertising.  E.g. a menu at a pub or restaurant. 

In cases where there is a pop-up event, we’ll share the risk by advertising for a low fee. E.g. garden party with a few caterers and a weird contortionist in a tutu. We will contact you to discuss this further

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