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Take part in eat:Festivals - here's what you need to know:

We are open for 2024 applications - there are pitches available in some categories.

Jump to application links.


We have confirmed dates for one-day festivals in;

Burnham-on-Sea, Weston-super-Mare, Portishead, Nailsea, Bedminster, Chipping Sodbury, Malmesbury, Shaftesbury, Yeovil, Honiton, Axminster, Teignmouth, Dawlish, Totnes, Exmouth, Tavistock, Bodmin, Bideford, Tiverton, Taunton and Wellington.  



eat:Festivals are run by Bev & Sarah Milner Simonds - we are hands on event managers and it us you will be dealing with throughout your application, on-boarding and trading days. 


All applications to trade or take part are made in an online process, using Eventree, which can be found using the link buttons below. This process is best completed on a desktop or laptop. You will need to upload various documents. 



Pitch fees reflect the relative risk you undertake by trading; freshly made and short-shelf life produce pitch fees are lower than preserved foods, and higher margin drinks & food-to-go trades at a reasonable rate. Pitch fees are charged per 3x3m outdoor pitch or more for larger pitches on a pro rata basis. Indoor pitch sizes will be 3m frontage with two tables or as specified on application. Our pitch fees have remained the same, or reduced, for the 4th year running. 



  • We offer a bursary for brand new producers, sponsored by Thatchers Cider. This includes a free pitch, use of a sturdy branded gazebo and business support for 1 year. You will be asked your trading start date on the application form and we will follow up with you if you are a new business. 

  • We offer a subsidised first pitch for primary producers: growers, smallholders, stalkers, foragers, permaculturists, regenerative farmers. This is called Dirty Thirty. There is more information and a link from the Fresh Produce application form. 

  • We offer a subsided pitch for makers, artists, crafters and artisans who want a half price non-food pitch at eat:Festivals and who can host an engaging demo, geek meet-up, or hands-on activity at your stall during the festival. There is more information and a link from the Craft, Art & Non Food Gifts application form. 


Our Producer categories each have a different application form, and are as follows:

Food To Go

Food & drink to consume at the festival including hot drinks, hot & ambient meals & snacks, desserts. [EXCLUDING alcohol]

Pitch fees £80+VAT or £125+VAT plus 10% of gross above £1500

Fresh Produce & Preserved Goods

Fruit & veg, meat & fish, jars & bottles, confectionery, bakes & groceries, INCLUDING all alcohol.

Pitch fees £55+VAT or £70+VAT, some subsidies are available 

2024 Charity, Campaigns & Community Engagement

All fundraisers, financiers, roundsmen, reiki-masters, diggers, dreamers, subscriptions, sports clubs, promotions, petitions, placards and plotters.

Pitch fees from £0+VAT according to your intended activity and alignment with the values of our social enterprise. As a guide, those charity and community groups using the festival to deliver their public benefit will not be charged a pitch fees. Those who are raising funds, selling memberships or subscriptions will be charged a pitch fee. 


Craft, Art & Non-Food Gifts

Makers who use natural materials, who make us see things in a different way, who create objects which bring the outside in, or which lead us into the outside.

Pitch fees are £70+VAT, some subsidies are available 

Levies will be charged for use of diesel, or those coming from outside of the local area [30miles].


The festivals are timed carefully to maximise the opportunity for local retail & hospitality, to extend or diversify regional tourism, and to embody traditional community celebrations. We typically aim to bring together sufficient producers to match expected footfall, with the addition of tractors, livestock, food & farming education, music or family entertainment where possible. We like to produce a glorious celebration of West Country food & drink that is good for visitors, local producers and town-based businesses alike.


Our festivals promote and prioritise local producers, developing long-lasting links with an engaged group of consumers. They have enjoyed large footfalls of visitors who are keen to buy. We never charge them to shop. We make sure they have good reasons to stay all day. We encourage visitors and local retailers & hospitality alike to connect with you and learn about your produce, in the hope that they become regular customers. Links with potential stockists are shared beforehand so that you can do the prep and make the most of your journey. This is a collaborative enterprise and we expect all traders to engage with us, and with visitors, online as well as on the day. 

We go the extra mile to promote your local produce so that you don’t have toour key objective is to develop local markets for your produce. We expect you to work each trading opportunity and to develop your own connection to that town’s businesses & residents. An eat:Festival booking is an opportunity for you to engage with our following and reputation in the town as much as for you to sell volume on the day.


Trading with eat:Festivals offers you access to a supportive network of producers, to training, advice and group promotions. Members of the #eatfestivalsfamily have plenty of opportunities to learn how to develop businesses sustainably and using best practice, with mutual support.  



The festivals are open to any business which produces or sells great tasting, sustainably produced food & drink in the area local to the festival. We allocate a small number of pitches to non-food producers, charities and community groups where space and circumstance permit. Previous participation does not guarantee a pitch although we recognise the loyal following that some traders build in our festival towns. 

If you’ve ever had an unsuccessful application and have addressed the reason we gave, your application will be favourably received in subsequent years. We will always provide a reason why an application is rejected.

Priority will be given to applicants in the following order:

  1. Primary Producers who can sell their produce in person. We value highly the opportunity for consumers to be able to ask about all aspects of the food and drink they consume and hear the answer from the person who grows, rears, tends or harvests that produce themselves. 

  2. Proximity to host town: typically within 30 miles or further afield if rare or exceptional. All Producers must be able to document or explain the production and traceability of their product, their charitable objects, social impact or community vision in response to questions either from the Organiser or visitors to the festivals.

  3. Relating well to festival visitors: this might include helping consumers understand the product, picking accessibly ranged price-points, having a super-cute stall & signage, developing local sales successfully or simply being particularly cheery. 

  4. The produce offered allows us to create a well-balanced event: to avoid product saturation, to enable variety, to reflect current consumer interest and to maintain excellent quality. We particularly value produce that is seasonal, caters to distinct dietary choices or is hard to find.

  5. Any company supplying outstanding, great tasting, sustainably and ethically produced food and drink, products or services which reflect similar values to our own, as published.  


Email address   

For any further enquiries please call Sarah on 0800 246 5200 


  1. You apply to trade with us using the online form. Links are below on this page. This is where you specify which festivals you are requesting. Please make note of your login details for future use.

  2. You will receive an email confirmation from Eventree when your application has been successfully submitted.

  3. The next set of applications will be reviewed after the first of next month. We review applications every month. We will accept or reject your pitch requests, giving our reasons. Your offer will come to you by via from Eventree. You have a cooling off period of up to 14 days, after which we have a binding contract, complying with our current Terms & Conditions.

  4. We then issue a deposit invoice, which will be credited against your final invoice of the year with us, followed by your festivals invoices (all from Intuit/QuickBooks).

  5. We send full details of each booked festival, with logistics, pitch number, timings etc to you by email from shortly before the festival.


eat:Festivals are driven by clear values and we thank you for wishing to be part of the #eatfestivalsfamily. We take a lot of time choosing the producers we work with. We value your feedback and your customers' feedback too.

The following statements sum up what being part of the #eatfestivalsfamily is about:

Community: producers who help and support each other, from bursary-winning first-time traders to seasoned experts.

Well run events: our reputation is for a good footfall, effective promotion, great communication & excellent procedures.

Shared Responsibility: producers work together on pre-event promo, social media & face to face ready for a great day's trade.

Collaborative: regular 360* constructive feedback means that we all steer the development of eat:Festivals for mutual benefit.

Sustainable: award-winning sustainability practices across all elements of the festivals - ecology, society, local economy.

Fun: we don't work with tossers.

The Organisers of eat:Festivals were the first ever festival organisers to be granted Quality in Tourism’s Safe, Clean & Legal award. Our contribution to Eating Better was screened at COP26. We have won 34 regional or national awards to date.  This has come about through the collaborative effort of all who have taken part in eat:Festivals, as well as our own work to promote and maintain their great reputation. 

We ask a lot of you in our application process because we want to know about the care and attention that goes into your food & drink production or the service, or public benefit, you offer. It’s only fair that we share the same level of detail about us with you. You’ll find more about us and the values of our Social Enterprise in these published documents:

If you have questions about the scale of each festival, our policies or queries about getting started drop us an email at


Beverley & Sarah Milner Simonds


You will need an electronic copy of your public liability insurance, any PAT or gas certs, a link to your FSA rating and a picture of your stall (if you haven't traded with us before) before you begin applying.

The same Eventree application can be used for all our festivals.

If you don't get a "submitted" confirmation message on screen from Eventree than your application has NOT been submitted. The Eventree form flags any missing fields before allowing you to submit. We cannot see partially completed forms. 

Here are our Terms and Conditions for 2024 applications.

It is very unlikely we can accept any applications for a festival that is less than 3 weeks away - you can apply for other dates using the same form though. You can check the availability in any town/date/product category by emailing us using the button below. BUT do read our booking priorities and tell us about yourself 

Food To Go/food & drink to consume now inc. hot drinks
Fresh Produce & Preserved Goods, inc. all alcohol
Charity, Campaigns & Community Engagement
Craft, Art & Non-Food Gifts, inc. dog treats

Why book with us

  • We were the first festival organisers to be awarded Quality in Tourism Safe Clean Legal.

  • Excellent relationships with local authorities

  • Supportive and creative community of friendly producers

  • Regular footfall in excess of 15,000 at Weston-super-Mare, Portishead, Burnham-on-Sea and Taunton

  • Inexcess of 15000 engaged social media followers

  • Bursary opportunities

  • Award winning organsiers

  • We keep our pitch fees low in order to attract and retain micro and small local producers

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