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Dog friendly


On high days and holidays we don't want to leave four-paws behind. We have planned our festivals to be inclusive for dogs and their well-behaved owners.  We are mindful that this isn't a dog festival (we've run one of those too!) and some visitors aren't keen on our furry friends, so please be respectful and avoid noses on tables and leads around legs. 


In all spaces dogs are welcome. Crowds can be overwhelming so do take some time-out if you best friend becomes snappy or giddy. You'll find water bowls and shady places to rest at our Pooch Paws Points, with a seat to perch on. Look out for clever dog-friendly bakers like the wonderful Yellow Door Cottage & Doggy Bakes so you can fetch home some tasty, healthy treats for your dog too.

Look out for our Dog Concierge who will have treats, local dog walking tips and an endless supply of belly rubs. Our Pooch Paws Points also have spare poo bags, extra water bowls and printed maps of local dog walks. 


Visitors: It's always best to ask before stroking someone else's dog - please help littl'uns understand if you're coming with a family.

Kind Owners: we ask that you keep your dog on a short leash, or pick them up if asked by a steward, and make sure there are no paws in the wrong places. A day out without four-paws is just a wasted walk!

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