The festivals have been built on a desire to offer a sustainable, free, accessible day out for all families. For producers, we keep costs low so that smaller businesses and artisans can trade too - our pitch fees are slightly above a Farmer's Market price and a fraction of ticketed festivals in the region. There are bursaries for new businesses and lower fees for fresher products. We choose town centres rather than green fields because they are full of independent, excellent retailers and businesses which thrive on town-centre footfall - we provide plenty of ways those businesses can take advantage of the festivals year-round.


We couldn't do any of this without our ace Sponsors and Production Partners. Through collaboration and a mutual understanding of how our businesses work, we are able to grow our reach and bring more and more fun and enjoyment to our events. We are lucky to have Sponsors and Production Partners who share our values and whose practices we respect. 


You can read more about Our Nutritional Values here, and you can see who we work with below. We hope you'll agree thay are an inspiring bunch. Maybe you'd like to join our team and find out how we can help you and your business grow. 

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