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eat:Festivals Crew


Our Crew are a team of talented people-people, who volunteer their time to become our ace Show Makers, Mystery Shoppers, Meeters & Greeters, Fixers or Event Photographers for the day. They keep everyone safe. They make it all happen on time. They record what really happens. They raise everyone's spirits and we think they are the most fabulous element of the whole shebang. 

Together we work to ensure that we remain true to our values by keeping the festivals inclusive, accessible, single-use plastic-free, relaxed, safe and happy. They learn how to use radios, use code-words, welcome families, count crowds fast, remove hazards, reunite lost people, evaluate risks, report accidents and sometimes deliver first aid. We rely on them to capture amazing images, update Insta, nudge Facebook, head-off awkward scenarios, find lost unicorns, make visitors laugh and, importantly, to test a lot of street food. 

You can join the Crew if you'd like to help make the eat:Festivals more amazing. Just let us know where you're based and why you'd like to get involved. Remember, it's more fun for us if we know we're enabling you to achieve something you really want to do.


Crew members have been environmental activists, freelance photographers, members of community groups, students working toward a D.of E. or ASDAN award, one of the irrepressible Weston & Taunton Eagles, people who want experience for their CV, resting actors, charity supporters raising awareness for a cause or just folk who want to shape a better place to live, work and visit. You're all very welcome to get in touch and create your ideal opportunity with us. 

Our stewards are all paid and are either provided by DBD Security or hire directly. 

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