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As the Executive Member for Culture, Leisure, Tourism and Community Engagement I am delighted to write to you in support of the eat:Festivals. The festivals are a much loved and a key part of the cultural and business calendar of North Somerset and provide events that not only support local independent traders but provide a fun day for the local communities involved. Their commitment to be more than just a market and actually be an event with entertainment provided is to be commended as it adds to the cultural offer within the community.

Cllr Caritas Charles, North Somerset Council 

I would like to express my appreciation for the way the eat:Festival was organised on Saturday .

Every event has its issues and when these matters have been brought to your attention, they have been immediately corrected.

I attended the event and all traders addresses the COVID concern by wearing masks or having screens, although that wasn’t a legal requirement. Plenty of hand sanitiser and the marshals provided by the town council were controlled well.

At a time when planning and carrying out any events is a minefield for all we are pleased to work with the eat team who are always keen to go the extra mile to ensure safety and the promotion of a now well known south west brand.

I look forward to more events of this quality and standard. It was great for Weston and North Somerset.

Mike Solomon, Chair of licensing North Somerset 

“The eat:Festival brought normality back to the town. The weather was perfect and the crowds turned out. The food and drink on offer was very varied and what I tasted was fantastic. Thanks to Bev and Sarah, give us more, please.”

Mark Canniford, North Somerset Council’s executive member for business, economy and employment

eat:Festivals has worked with North Somerset Council for 4 years. They are a trusted contractor delivering very high standards of documentation. When coupled with their passion for food, enthusiasm for events, ethical treatment of their team and suppliers, and their proactive measures for environmental issues, the eat:Festival team produce high quality events that are an important part of our calendar. Unflappable and unfailingly cheerful, a pleasure to work with 

Sara Pacey, Economic Development Officer North Somerset Council

We would like to say a big thank you to Beverly and Sarah Milner Simonds from eat:Festivals for all your hard work, your flexibility and diligence in pulling together all the very successful eat:Festivals events and supporting us, small food businesses and producers in the West Country. It has been and will be always a pleasure to working with you. 

By being part of your #eatfestivalfamily and been able to trade at past and future events, we have gained and will continue to gain a lot of customer support from local communities. You really helped us to get our local produced street food out to a big local customer base, gain more trade and repeat business and also helped us developing our business and think out of the box. We meet through you other local businesses and supported each other.

Also in this challenging times, you have been always there for us and updated us on help or news available to enable us to run our business within and after this crisis. 

We can not thank you enough, as without you we wouldn’t have been that successful.

We are proud to be able to work with you and hope to be able to continue working with you for a long time to come.

Marion Pyne, Simply Germazing Ltd

Why is the Eat Festivals Family the best organisation that we work with. 

  1. The organisers..... Bev and Sarah genuinely care about the traders success. 

  2. The attention to detail.. particularly with sustainability and the environment. 

  3. The ‘Holistic’ approach is evident by how all aspects of each event are meticulously thought through. 

  4. The traders family FB group encourages a community spirit and peer support. This enables communication and collaboration that in turn supports business resilience. 

  5. Flexibility with invoice payments and general value for money. 

  6. The understanding of marketing through multiple channels to create a strong brand that maintains customer loyalty. 

We are fortunate to work with the #eatfestivalsfamily as we technically are not producers. However, we represent makers who otherwise would not attend. 

For this we feel very grateful. 

We look forward to working together again in the future. 

Dan Price, The Somerset Deli

We are pleased to be able to provide a testimonial for eat:Festivals, as traders who have been part of the #eatfestivalsfamily since 2016.

It is wonderful to be part of a group of professional traders with a diverse range of quality products, exhibiting together at well-attended and well-organised events - with much (unprecedented) support from the organisers themselves, who have driven high standards & core values (eg exceptional customer service & environmental standards). Eat Festivals have gone one step further by nurturing the #eatfestivalsfamily group, where we have a trusted group of fellow traders/producers we can call on for peer advice - eg best providers of gazebos, card readers, printing etc, cross-promotion through social media of each other's products and friendly support/banter during these tough times or a Christmas meal out together to celebrate better times.

Kate Boulton, Boulton Spirit

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